Thursday, January 14

Westminster Chiming Grandfather Clock | Ryan McElhinney

Yatzer had this to say about Ryan McElhinney's AMAZING Westminster Chiming Grandfather Clock:

“Using your obsessions in order to make something unique out of it is something that unites passion with creativity in an ideal way. That’s the idea behind the work of Ryan McElhinney, an Irish designer that can’t stand still and uses his curiosity, his experience as an animator and his passion for toys and pop culture in his creations. All of them are limited editions and crafted with love, often used in his interior design commissions. This time he imagined a neo baroque 2.2 meters tall Westminster Chiming Grandfather Clock full of toys, which gives the impression of a crazy pop pile coming from out of space! It seems that there is a life after toys are retired, and Hulk or Toy Story characters look more than willing to take this second chance .The clock was a commission for a home on The Palms in Dubai and has a working Westminster Chime mechanism that chimes every 15 minutes. The internal structure is an original grandfather clock. The toys have been bonded together and then coated in a high gloss polyurethane white paint.” (via)

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Damn that is SICK