Monday, January 25

WTF Pharrell Williams? | Fire Your Stylist?!?

Head NERD and BBC founder, Pharrell Williams is often considered a trend setter and a taste maker. Well forget that, homeboy must be smoking that good shit. On his most recent trip to Cannes, France for the 2010 NRJ Music Awards, he showed up wearing a pair of Nike Snowboarding x Arbito Zoom Force 1 Boots. He looks like he got dressed in complete darkness, broke all the mirrors and any "shinny" objects in his hotel room and just said "fuck it, lets go," Kanye style. The boots are Danny Kass' signature boot and they were designed by Seattle based artist Arbito, for Mr. Kass and the Nike Snowboarding super-team. Hey "Skateboard P" crack kills music careers and makes you do stupid ass shit in public, just ask Whitney Houston.

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