Tuesday, February 2

Craig 'KR' Costello | "Dripping With KRink"

This is a great video on the success of Craig “KR” Costello, an artist originally from Queens, NY and his "KRink". Experimenting with new styles, mediums and applications, earned KR a reputation in the 1990’s for writing graffiti in his signature drippy silver ink nicknamed “KRink..” Little did he know, that this stumbled upon form of self expression would later become a cultural explosion worldwide. "KRink" was branded and put on stores shelves, and well, you know the rest. It is literally everywhere - in fact while I write this at my desk, I need not turn my head more than 90 degrees to see an unopened 8oz. bottle of KRINK refill, and 2 used mini-mops. And thats doesnt include the multitude of dyes or paints, mops or pens, that are in my paint cabinet, with that oh-so familiar label, on most of them. (via)

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