Thursday, February 4

&%#@*!! | L.A. Neighborhood 'Art Hater'

This lovely and cheery piece by artist Phil Lumbang was painted in Los Angeles shortly after his last show here. This legal mural on private property has sparked much positive attention, until the day that the 'art hater' filed a complaint. Claiming that this beautiful piece of art "looks ghetto" and that was enough for the city of Hell Aye to slap the home owners with some legal jargon. Basically if they do not remove the "illegal mural" than they face punishment of a fine of $1000 and up to 6 months in jail. It appears as though the homeowners will probably concede, not wanting to face long and costly legal battles with the City of L.A. THIS IS UNREAL!

Los Angeles is the most highly populated city with illegal outdoor ads, somewhere near 3,000 ads, and they let those go without a word. Only to waste their time chasing away art with a positive message, only to be replaced by ads for movies, or mass gluttony. WTF?! Fuck Fuel Outdoor Advertising!

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