Friday, February 12

PRINT | Dave Choe "Ignored Prayers"

THE MAN Dave Choe had this to say about his new print, "My newest print IGNORED PRAYERS will be released tonight, first come first served. it's from the painting that looks better backwards, have fun as you try to count all the faces and different schizo personalities that live inside my head, have fun as you try to count all the blackheads. It comes in an edition of 48 at $501, (10 prints were already sold at my upperplayground show) so the rest will be up for sale, the colors blast off the page , Contact bobby namba at , any emails prior to 12:01 east coast time will be ignored, the prints are huge (36 by 42 inches) so expect at least 3 weeks for delivery. limit to one per customer, if you send repeated emails to bobby, harassing him, you will instantly be ignored, he's a nice guy so be nice to him, don't be a fucker." Well said Mr. Choe, this print is ILL!

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