Monday, February 15

The Search for the Best Butt in the World!

This is the best thing American Apparel has done EVER! What a great idea for us men, who appreciate a fine bum, like we do a fine wine. It also it gives those sexy ladies hiding in middle America, a chance to showcase a piece of art that has been covered up for all-too-long. These pics are only the top submissions so far. There are plenty more to see, and there is still time for a better butt to come in and take this amazing competition. The reward you ask? "To be the new 'face' dont they mean ass?) for our always expanding intimates and briefs lines." Well, that isn't half as important as the prestige one gets for having the "Best butt in America". Now that is some good resumé material! To take a look at the rest of the submissions, vote, or even sumbit your own pic (if you are hot enough ladies...) CLICK HERE.

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Anonymous said...

this is the best thing they have ever done. I put up a couple great bums malibu bums.