Tuesday, February 16

World's largest yacht | Project 1000

As the recession blues are finally getting over and as the wealthy take to the spending sprees, the optimistic signs for bigger boats have suddenly changed to super-duper boats as Berkeley March, a naval architect unveils “Project 1000.” Designed at a whopping 656 feet in length, it’s as long as two football fields end-to-end. While coming with the “world’s largest” tag, the manufacturers keep up with the industry’s stiff competition by providing customization options like gold furniture. In an effort to create a distinct and personalized vessel like no other, “Project 1000” comes equipped with over-the-top luxury toys — including a two-level cinema, a nightclub, a helipad, along with a drive-in-garage, a 100-foot swimming pool, a casino, a health spa and numerous bars and nightclubs. Expected to move the oceanic waters in under five years, “Project 1000” would unsurprisingly cost up to $1 billion (depending on the needs of the clients) and on the added info it will dwarf the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s “Eclipse,” by 99 feet. Not a bad weekend cruiser! (via)

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