Thursday, March 11

Art.Genius.Robert Williams

Artist: Robert Williams

Title: “The WaterHead That Was Raised in a Box”

Size: 30″ x 35″

Description: A nearly impossible feat of modern printmaking; 144 Colors, Hand-Pulled, Hand-Separated Serigraph Edition. An incredibly exact reproduction for one of the greatest artists of our time. This edition began production in 1992 and took 2 full years to complete. The prints were created entirely by using traditional techniques of hand-separating the colors and hand-pulling the paper, one color, one sheet at a time. 25,000 Pulls and every one of them is in absolute perfect registration!!! A true marvel of modern printmaking for one of the world’s greatest artists ever!!! Printer: David Fick, Colorist: Ida Fick, Publisher: Ed Boswell.

Price: This edition will be available here at Noon on Friday, March 12. The price will start at $2,000 and will increase $200 with the sale of each 10 prints, ending at $4,400. (via)

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