Wednesday, March 10

Feelin' It | David Choe Back in Los Angeles

I am so happy that David Choe is back in LA doing his street thing, its been too long. The man is a whirlwind of thoughts emotions and creativity, the likes of which is unmatched. His latest campaign in LA to promote his upcoming show with Lazarides in no different.

" it is now , a solid 2 and half month early warning, this will be my last show in a long time, I have no plans or contracts for any other shows after this, I will go away for a long time after this, so I’m being nice and telling you all this shit now, don’t come crying to me later because I wont be here. los angeles I’m coming home and when I come this time, I’m gonna come harder than I ever have before..."
The man is extremely determined and down right super motivated to show LA someting it is missing. And then he plans to go missing himself. No more commissions, no more shows he is going AWOL. This is the first leg of his conquest, wheat pastes. But not one or two. Like 100 in a tight row, just like those illegal ad companies do them. Nice touch. See more of this great plot to blow up Dave Choe even more, after the jump...

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