Monday, April 19

Lamborghini Yacht | Mauro Lecchi

Lamborghini has recently put together this powerhouse of a yacht with the helping hand of designer Mauro Lecchi. The yacht has big intakes, and starting from the Reventon’s side view, the designer changed the intake behind the door in a huge window, to characterize the boat with a single large element. As the yacht is merely a design, it’s assumed characteristics have a Hull length 15m, Hull width4 m, and Height 3.8m. In order to reduce weight, the lamination provides to use fiber Kevlar/carbon. In order to combine high performance and low power consumption, three different motors are assumed for the yacht: 2×700 hp Volvo Penta IPS 900 diesel, 2×950 hp diesel Seatek, 2x (3x) 550 hp v 12 - 60 ° Lamborghini petrol. Cruize the high seas in style! (via)

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