Monday, May 3

SO HOT! | Gisele Bundchen for Latin Vogue

Perhaps one of the most famous models on planet Earth, Gisele Bundchen has graced the pages and covers of almost every publication known to man. The one thing that transcends all the ads and editorials, her audacious beauty. I am not afraid to say it, if you think this woman is unattractive you are either a homosexual, in denial, a jealous female or just too fucking drunk to see your computer screen clearly. I'd kill for her. Gisele is so stunning it makes me want to cut me ear off and mail it to her. Hahaha! Photos by Nino Munoz. See more of Gisele, after the click...

Gisele Bundchen - Vogue LatinAmerica, May 2010 Issue

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