Wednesday, May 5

YACHT | ARKKI Solar Boat

Amid all the global warming talks, we as consumers are confronted with lifestyle decisions that can impact our environment, however, the fantasy to drift off to a faraway port is overwhelming as we evolve toward a sustainable future. This is precisely what the ARKKI boat suggests with its ecological combination of a house and boat with all possible luxuries. Offering 153 square meter of interior space and 100 square meter of deck space, the ARKKI boat is equipped with solar panels to supply uninterrupted power at the cruising speed 6-8 knots. This 31.6 meter long and 15.5 meter wide boat is made from reinforced concrete and natural fiber composites to make it stable and rigid for all seasons. While we are still far from the day when our continents would entirely be submerged, the ARKKI solar boat is sure to be one of the most momentous choices that any of us will make in the future. No word on pricing or if this beast will ever actually hit the water but we can all dream, can't we? (via)

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