Monday, June 21

Daniel Strom | Memento Mori Carpe Diem

Daniel Strom’s Agonium collection titled “Memento Mori, Carpe Diem,” meaning “remember you will die, so seize the day.” The watch is a work of art with the case available in a choice of finest materials: sterling silver, palladium, redgold, platinum, diamonds and it can even be custom made to match your taste. The watch features an inner case made from stainless steel. The watch comes with an alligator hornback strap, in black finished with a buckle, done in silver 925, gold, palladium or platinum. The platinum version is the most expensive with a $57,896 price tag, while the starting silver model from the collection will cost $8,272. So, you have a wide range to choose one that fits your budget and taste. If you're into expensive death, this is for you. (via)

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