Wednesday, June 9

EXCLUSIVE | Photos from 'EuroTrash' Opening at Lazarides L.A.

Here are some photos from the Lazarides Beverly Hills Gallery opening of 'EuroTrash'. A group exhibition featuring the likes of Conor Harrington, Antony Micallef, JR and Vhils. I enjoyed the shit out of it. The work was great for the most part. Conor Harrington really stood out as far as canvas work, and Vhils absolutely killed it with his signature decontructed portraits. The only thing was that Vhils work, as amazing as it was, doesn't translate so well, from streets to gallery. The works are large, and no doubt very heavy pieces, and rather impracticle for anyone to display. See more of the the great pieces Vhils had on display, and a bit of Micallef. I tried to get photos that not every other person with a camera captured. More after the slip and slide...

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