Thursday, June 24

Nomadé | The Fall of the Los Angeles Empire

The Los Angeles art collective known as Nomadé has graced the walls of the LA Freewalls Project in downtown LA with their largest mural to date, titled, “The Fall of the Los Angeles Empire”. Nomadé has been very active in the streets throughout LA for the past year, hitting up countless street corners and buildings. It’s hard not to notice their work in every neighborhood.
The LA Freewalls is a special project of Lahoda Fine Arts and The mission of the project is to bring world-class street artists to paint over 50,000 sq. ft. of wall-space for the downtown Los Angeles neighborhoods. Nomadé joins Shepard Fairey, Saber, D*Face, Atlas, Asylm, Andy Rios, and others with murals on the walls. (via)

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