Tuesday, June 15

SO TECH | Fully Enclosed Electric Motorcycle to Travel 30,000km

In 2010, a team will drive with their zero-emission electric motorcycle, called Zerotracer, 30,000km (which is 18,641 miles for us Yanks), across 20 countries, in 80 days.

The body is a kevlar monocoque, a technique derived from Formula 1 construction. It hold 2 passengers with a payload of 440lbs. It has a range of 217 miles in between charges, which only takes 2 hours to reach full power once again. The bike will do 0-100km/h (or 0-62mph) in a spirited 4.5 seconds. The top speed is 155 mph which is very impressive considering this is a zero emission electric machine. The power come from an electric motor that has whopping 183hp, and a 18kWh, 400v battery provides the electricity to create such horsepower. This seems like the necessary power as the vehicle itself weighs in at a hefty 1,411lbs.

The rapid deploy "training wheels" that keep the bike upright a very low speeds and at a stop, are my favorite engineering feat on this bike for sure.

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