Monday, August 2

Art.Genius.Jim Kazanjian

Jim Kazanjian had this to say about his work; "I am interested in a kind of “entropic” image, an image that has the capacity to de-familiarize itself. My current work is an attempt to unravel the photograph and play with established notions of time, space, and the understanding of what gives things context. Through fragmentation and re-composition of the photographic space, the non-linear nature of reading the image is folded in on itself. The structure of the photograph is unwound and reshuffled. This reshaping becomes an iterative process that spurs the generation of something altogether different. Something ineffable." Beautiful and impressive are just two of the many words I would use to describe his work. You can snag some very limited edition prints of these pieces at 23 Sandy Gallery. (via)


AnnaKarenina said...

Truly a dreamlike art. Supa great!

Riley said...

genius? no. this is a total copy of what Jerry Uelsmann has been doing for decades.

Das STReet said...

Ya Riley, you got any work that's better? Pass auf, Schlampe