Friday, August 13

FRESHNESS | Arc de Triomphe wooden turntable

If you are one of those individuals who thinks the best way to listen to music is on a high-end turntable, you need to check out the new Arc de Triomphe turntable from the house of Audiowood. The company has already impressed us with its range of wooden turntables that bring old vinyl back to life. The new Arc turntable has a laminated body with solid hardwood front and rear beams, arm boards and legs. The Audiowood Arc can be used both as a single tonearm table with the motor located to the left of the platter and as a dual tonearm table with an independent motor pod mounted behind the platter.

The Arc is normally made of ebonized American hardwoods with outstanding solid wood details, but you can also custom order one with a range of singular or contrasting wood designs. Pricing for the Arc turntable starts at $2500.

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