Friday, August 6

GOLD | Mansory's Bugatti Veyron Linea Vincero d'Oro

After the Pur Sang, Bleu Centenair and the 16.4 Super Sport, the latest Bugatti Veyron edition to leave us spellbound is the Linea Vincero d’Oro. Last year, German tuner Mansory transformed the Bugatti Veyron into the LINEA Vincero, and now, they have created the one-off Bugatti Veyron Linea Vincero d’Oro. When compared with the standard Veyron, this one-of-a-kind edition comes with modified fenders, a shortened bonnet and an enticing front apron. The car’s front features LED daytime running lights and the stylized letter “V” that stands for Vincero. Other highlights include the newly developed side skirts and a new rear diffuser. One outstanding feature of the LINEA Vincero d’Oro ‘s design is the use of carbon fabric with built-in copper threads. Even my Dad would like this ride! (via)

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