Tuesday, November 9

HILARIOUS VIDEO | 50 Cent is Way Ahead of the Game

This video starts off slow, but TRUST ME, give it a minute. Apparently, this kid Keenan Cahill, isn't just a little goofy kid. He is one who gets millions of hits on YouTube with his lip-syncing clips. Which makes him relevant in pop culture, which means that someone somewhere realized they could make some money off his ass. Enter 50 Cent. No literally, 50 Cent comes in and performs hid part with the little kid, in his messy ass room. I bet Kanye is pissed his team didn't think of this first. This video and a bit of some high-grade cannabis, and I for one believe (err know) that you might not ever stop laughing. On a side note, I think this video is from Chelsea Handler's show on E! The one that she has to fill with other people who are talented and funny, because she sure is hell is not. I mean she uses a little person like her life preserver when her jokes fail, and she isn't a small woman.

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