Thursday, December 2

DAVE CHOE | Tokyo Girl

The man, the myth, the living legend, Dave Choe had this to say about his newest print project "Tokyo Girl". "For all my friends who don't live in japan and couldn't make the show, I did something special for you, i held a few of the limited edition prints "TOKYO GIRL" for the Tokyo show back. It is in a edition of 76, but there are only a few left this Friday on 12/3/10 at noon west coast time we will release the remaining prints at The print is 17 by 17 inches on the best paper ever of a watercolor i did inspired by half Japanese women and Shibuya, in a limited edition of 76, for $250 . On top of that by popular demand, we will release a 44 by 44 inch version of the same print (it looks fucking awesome at that size) at a super limited edition of 5(this was not available in japan,), for $808. All signed and numbered by me and who knows maybe something a little extra :) ."

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