Tuesday, February 15

SO HOT! | Anne Vyalitsyna for Tush Magazine

One thing that we pride ourselves on here at LF, is that EVERYTHING is suitable for work. Well not everything. But surely nude women and crude humor are, and if they aren't, you should reconsider where you work, or maybe buy a privacy screen. Because everyone loves sex. Even you prudes do. You just don't want to admit it, or maybe, try it? Are you are married to God? If you are a dude, does that make you gay? Does that mean God is the largest Polygamist of them all, and that polyanomy is what God intended? Oh man my brain hurts. All this because you can't see some women's mammary glands while being at "work". This is Anne Vyalitsyna (I bet you can't pronounce that correctly) for the apptly named Tush magazine Spring 2011 issue. She is beautiful and I must warn you, she has quite a body on her, but you religious folk wouldn't be into that, so click HERE to be taken to an online copy of the Bible, to absolve your sins. Everyone else click HERE TO SEE MORE...

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