Thursday, March 31

ART IN VIDEO | Painting A Canvas of Emotion

"This painting does not represent Herman Melville's metaphor in the classic novel Moby Dick. Instead the whale represents happiness. As I was painting I received the news of my Best friends death. This made it my most challenging painting so far. I was so heartbroken that I could hardly lift my arms. The memories of my friend and the pain in my heart gave the piece a whole new meaning. Suddenly it was about the dreams I shared with my friend Eric. Our big plans to take over the world. It became our great white whale, captured for my best friend Eric Zentner 1981 - 2011." Christopher Cuseo

"Great White Whale"
Acrylic on Canvas
84in x 84in

Rest In Paradise Eric "Z" Zentner (1981-2011) Never gone, but truly missed.

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