Tuesday, March 15

FLY | Xenit Plus Hang Glider Trike

Working in a 15,000 square foot factory in Grottammare, ItalyFly Products has been producing some of the world’s best motorized paragliding gear in the world. Focusing their research & development efforts on high-quality paramotors and trikes that not only inspire and stun, their creations will have you itching for aerial acrobats at every fair weather forecast. One of their latest creations, the Xenit Plus Hang Glider Trike expands on Fly Products’ already popular Xenit trike with a simple formula: double the fun by adding another passenger and bigger motor. The lightweight, collapsible trike now comes equipped with a 33 hp Simonini Mini 3 reduction-mounted motor for big thrust with minimal noise and a massive 59″ two-blade Helix carbon fiber propeller. It also adds a tandem seat for co-thrills. The combination gives the Xenit Plus the capability to transport two 200 lb passengers to dizzying heights. Paraglider and vomit bags not included. Have fun kids... (via)

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