Tuesday, March 15


Jeff Waldman describes this project: "The idea is to install small doors, unexplained portals, throughout the city. To start, in San Francisco. These doors would be scaled down to a size that is cognitively possible but whimsically improbable. Tiny ones. Like, Alice Through The Looking Glass, maybe 15-25 inches or so. I don’t imagine them to be operable, but the more detailed in appearance the better."

Jeff has titled this particular door “Shut in”, which he regards as a sort of paranoia piece. It has a half dozen interior locks, and built into the door is an amber light that pours through the oversize keyhole, a sort of representation of whatever has been locked out and kept at bay. Jeff says that this is just a taste of what’s to come and that he should have all the doors in hand soon to mount all these impossible portals around the city within a month. So keep an eye out. We dig it, what do you think? (via)

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