Wednesday, October 15

L.A. Architect: Alexis Rochas

This is a fully functional and sustainable garden ecosystem on the top of a building in the middle of a major metropolitan area. It is on the top of a Downtown LA apartment building, called The Flat.

"Urban living shall suffer no setbacks as long as Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) professor and notorious west coast architect Alexis Rochas is around. Let it be said folks, tout va bien with this man in the house. Or upon the house should we say? Enter his latest vision: a completely sustainable rooftop vegetable garden in downtown Los Angeles, the result of a hardcore brainstorming session with a class of students at SCI-Arc several years ago."

The Flat is also home to the restaurant Blue Velvet. They will no doubt benefit from the fresh produce grown just an elevator ride away from their chefs and your stomach.

Source: V Magazine

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