Wednesday, October 15

Mr. Brainwash Goes Big & Political

Mr Brainwash spices up the campaign trail with a little Warhol-flavor. MBW went super-sized this time, making his message hard to miss if you live in LA.

"Mr. Brainwash is an enigma. I want to hug him one second and smack him the next. He is awesome, infuriating, almost impossible to define, but if an artist is defined by relentless, obsessive passion, then MBW is definitely an artist. Which kind of artist though? When I first met MBW he was a film maker. He started documenting me putting art up on the streets and in galleries back in ‘99. He has hundreds of hours of footage and often risked his neck climbing with a camera to very dangerous spots. MBW’s camera was ALWAYS on… Theoretically MBW is coming out with an OBEY documentary eventually. Somewhere along the way I introduced MBW to Banksy, which seemed to lead him to transition from just a voyeur to a participant, and he began making his own street art".

-Shepard Fairey

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Anonymous said...

brainwash is a tool bag.