Tuesday, April 28

Visionaire - Solar

Visionaire is a multi-format album of fashion and art produced in exclusive numbered limited editions. Published 3 times a year each issues features a different them and format. This time, they have collaborated with Calvin Klein and they´re bringing us a book that changes from black and white to full color when exposed to sunlight. It is a limited edition of 3,000 copies, featuring the work of artists like Peter Lindbergh, Glen Luchford, David Sims, Yoko Ono and Inez & Vinoodh. In artificial light the book is in simple black and white, and still very interesting. But in sunlight the colors appear, bringing the issue to life right in front of the readers/viewers eyes. The effect was achieved with photochromatic Plastisol inks. The ink is transparent, but the heat of the sun brings out its color, which becomes transparent again when the temperature lowers. The 3,000 copies will be distributed soon - you had better hurry if you want to get one of your own. More amazing photos after the jump.

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