Monday, October 26

Public Ad Campaign | 2nd New York Street Art Takeover

To understand just how amazing these pieces of art are, you have to understand the unbelievably great reason behind the project.

"Yesterday I had the great pleasure of running circles around lower Manhattan, documenting the Public Ad Campaign's second New York Street Art Takeover. NYSAT aimed to draw attention to the proliferation of illegal street-level billboards - operated for profit by NPA - that contribute to the visual pollution of public space in NYC. Two-person whitewashing crews hit the streets in the morning, followed by a cadre of artists who made quick work of the newly whitened spaces." -LunaPark for
I love when artists out-smart and out-wit the society that wants to keep them quiet. Public space, is exactly that, PUBLIC! Why would we want ads, when we can have the world's best artists adorn our streets for free? Get some white paint and and roller, and go reclaim some public space, burdened with ads, in your neighborhood.

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