Monday, October 26

So Tech | InPulse 'Blackberry' Smartwatch

So 95% of my friends are addicted to their Blackberry something or other phone, and their precious BlackBerry Messenger. I hate them, and by the sounds of my resentment towards them, yes, I obviously own an iPhone. Now you (I say only Men on this one please) can hide your addiction with the InPulse Blackberry Smartwatch. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your Blackberry device, letting you discreetly check emails, texts, and most importantly Twitter updates without busting out the phone. The InPulse sports a 1.3-inch full color OLED display, a built-in vibrating motor, and a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery. It goes for $150 and its definitely cool, maybe just not worth buying 'cool'. See more detailed photos after the jump...

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