Friday, January 29

The 23 Mile Free Fall | Red Bull "Stratos" Project

The mission, Red Bull Stratos, will take renowned skydiver Felix Baumgartner to at least 120,000 feet above the earth, to the very edge of Space. (That will be like experiencing 12 "average" skydives stacked one on top of the other, all in a row.) Felix will attempt a stratospheric free fall jump - the longest in the history of man - and hopefully will become the first human to break the speed of sound with his own body. Seriously fucking nuts.

This is a mission to overcome limits which have existed for almost fifty years, ever since the heroic achievement of the young US Air Force test pilot, Joe Kittinger, with his 1960 Excelsior mission. Many have challenged Joe's record, and all have failed, some even fell to their death. Red Bull Stratos will attempt to make history and deliver valuable learnings for medical and scientific advancement that will aid the exploration of space in future years.

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