Friday, January 29

Show Stopper | Porsche 911 GT3 R

This beast is the 2010 GT3 R, that replaces the previouis GT3 Cup S car, which was based on the LED-less pre 09' 997. This facelifted version of the 997 get a new top end race track beast too, so hence the GT3 R. It is wider, with more buldging fenders that don't hide its far-from subtle, race track setup.

"Technologically, the GT3 R is based on the GT3 Cup, which is a heavily reworked version of the street-legal GT3 RS. But the R has a bigger engine by 0.2 liter. Its 4.0-liter water-cooled flat-six makes 480 hp, 30 more than the 3.8-liter unit in the GT3 Cup. Power is transmitted through a sequential six-speed gearbox. Yep, that's one gear less than the dual-clutch transmission available on other 911 models, but this is an entirely different box intended strictly for racing." - C&D
Technology bits like electronis Rev-matching for the SMG gearbox, ABS brakes and even traction control. Porsche admits it wants to make it easier to drive for quote, "the ambitious amateur racing driver.” Specially built in Porsche's legendary Weissach R&D center, the 911 GT3 R comes in at a hefty €279,000 (about $415,000). See more photos after the jump...

(via c&d)


Anonymous said...

If there is a god this will be mine one day.


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