Wednesday, January 13

Banksy vs. Robbo | Round 3

Did you think is was over? This shot taken from Robbo's flickr stream, he called this one, "banksy fishing for..........." which is damn witty considering who its coming from. We covered Round 1 and Round 2 of this ongoing street art battle, and it just keeps getting better each time. Gaia asked, what I wondered as well, did he have to wear a wetsuit again (like he did in Round 2)? One thing is for sure, Robbo should be thankful Banksy brought him back into the limelight, he gave him instant notoriety again, that is something Robbo should consider. In a way, he is somewhat indebited to Bansky for this new found fame. Can't wait for Round 4, no doubt Banksy shows Robbo who really does the witty street art pieces in Camden...

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