Thursday, January 28

Feelin' It | Bansky vs. Robbo Round 4

This one is a stinger missile right to the embassy doors. Banksy La Rat, is a huge pun on Banksy's controversial use of the french stencil master, Blek le Rat's rat image. Banksy may have actually begun his super-career by nicking the rat from Blek. Robbo knows this and he didn't foget the fact that Banksy may not have been as original as everyone may dream. My favorite part is they left the frog, which is one of the sloppiest pieces that Banksy has ever shown us. So why paint over that, its embarrassing enough the way he painted it to begin with, Robbo need not alter it at all to prove his point. Nice Team Robbo, very well done.
This one is great, very nicely reworked to serve Robbo's message. TOO bad he can't spell! Its definitely war from the view of Team Robbo, but Banksy's painting thousands of miles away in Utah seeming to not care one bit about his regent Canal pieces. And just like NOLIONS said, its not really that much fun to have beef when one side pretends not to care at all. (via)

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