Friday, January 15

The Story Behind the Still | HD Video Contest by Canon

Introducing the first user-generated HD Video Contest where photographers become filmmakers, and we all see beyond the still. To kick off the contest, Canon asked photographer, Vincent Laforet, to interpret what story lives beyond this still and to tell that story with the new Canon EOS 7D. His will be the first chapter of seven, each ending with a still photograph for the next aspiring filmmaker to interpret. Posing the question to everyone, what do you see beyond the still?
"When I was asked to interpret this still, a thousand different ideas flooded my mind. I wanted to create a dynamic film that took the audience on a journey and showed off the many strengths of this new breed of HD DSLR cameras, such as the Canon 7D, which we shot this film with. The camera's low light capabilities and light weight allow you to do things you'd never think to try with traditional cameras. This has been an amazing experience and it’s just the beginning, because the film you are about to see is merely the first chapter of something greater, as it ends on a still of its own. That's where you come in and run with it. Bringing your own narrative and stylistic interpretations to my still as you create Chapter 2.

I hope you enjoy this short - we had a blast making it - and now it's your turn. GOOD LUCK!" - Vincent Laforet


Anonymous said...

so sick i am going to do something for sure on this

keegan said...

laforet is a kook. he should stick to overhead sports photography