Thursday, April 15

SHOW | Paint Your Faith Vancouver

Over six months of prep work is finally coming to a close and its almost time for some very talented artists, to start their mural. The installation is for Paint Your Faith Vancouver, a collaboration wall between Faith47 (South Africa), Peeta (Italy), Titifreak (Brazil) and indigo (Canada). In addition to the mural, there will also be  a group show at Ayden Gallery, featuring Chor Boogie, Mediah, Elicser and Siloette (the Paint Your Faith Toronto artists) as well as Dedos, Kaput, Misk, Scott Sueme and Phresha.

The gallery exhibition opens April 24 at the Ayden Gallery. If you are in Vancouver, this is a MUST SEE. If not, there will be posts regular updated on the PYF blog over the course of the project.

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