Wednesday, April 14

STOLEN | Banksy's LA "Guard Dog" Piece

Unfortunately, like many other of his works in the past, one of Banksy's newest paintings was removed from it’s original location at 410 S. La Brea Avenue, yesterday morning. Now is this video sent to JetSet Graffiti by "a friend of the artist" shows the removal process and subsequent hauling off of the piece. 

Now with the piece having never been confirmed and authenticated by Mr. B's camp, this is just a giant counterfeit. Anyone that supports the sale of art that was procured in this manner, is helping create a market for these crooks. Instead of having it up for all to see, one gready individual saw a chance for their own prosperirty through the demise and exploitation of another's work. Damn shame. 

The rumors are that the infamous Doug Christmas of Ace Gallery stole it, but one thing is FOR SURE. The piece is in the possession of Ace Gallery according to Mr. Christmas. Fucking thief. (via)


Anonymous said...

It's called private property.

Anonymous said...

RIght. That is the attitude.