Monday, June 7

EXCLUSIVE | Conor Harrington's New Mural in Venice Beach, CA

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to meet one of my favorite artists, Mr. Conor Harrington. He was in the midst of smashing out a beautiful new piece, just a couple of blocks from my apartment, in Venice Beach, California. The piece is a legal wall found by the Beverly Hills Lazarides Gallery, for Conor to paint on the heals of his upcoming group show, entitled 'EuroTrash'.

I've heard that Conor was a nice guy, and the rumors are absolutely true. He is a very humble and approachable person. We talked for a bit, he told me about the wall and his dead-man-walking feeling of intense "jet lag". I briefly mentioned I would be at the opening of 'EuroTrash' and he was genuinely happy to hear my enthusiasm for the show.

His girlfriend, and fellow artist Chloe Early, was there assisting and taking photos. She too was a very nice person, I was lucky to meet her and get to have a nice conversation about art, and how its perceived, based on its 'display locale'. I watched Conor paint for about an hour or more, and his technical skills with a spray can were my biggest focus. I was in awe.

As I rode off on my bike, Conor said, "See you Tuesday!" just a testament to how down to earth he is.

See more photos of the piece in progress, and some detail shots, after the leap...

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